Wednesday, 14 December 2011

TLC for hair...

Hello bloggersphere!

Having dropped off the face of this earth and turning hermit for the past month(ish), I am finally back after taking a battering from lack of sleep, lack of a social life, and the entire loss of sanity.

Unfortunately, for the past 3 months, I have totally disregarded my hair after having it cut just before Africa (*cough* more than 3 months ago *cough*).

So the state of my hair has come to this *sigh*

Every Christmas for the past few years, I have gotten so fed up of the way it is and will promptly take some scissors and chop it all off. But then when I do,  I tend to lose 5 years off my age and look very 'asian'.... (see below)

Does anyone have any recommendation about where to get a nice and clean haircut or whether to chop it off at all? I'll be in London over Christmas, I always go to this Japanese place off Tottenham Court Road who cut it veeeeeery nicely for me but I'm always up other places!

My hair is fighting with the elements and losing fairly badly, it needs some serious TLC from products that will protect it from the wind, rain, dryness, and cold.

Can any recommend anything?

I will be back soon with more reviews, I have a week to go crazy, I hope it's enough time to accumulate pictures for Christmas!

How is everyone out there?

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Anonymous said...

blog about your new purple hair! it's SO pretty and suits you really nicely :) oxo