Sunday, 18 September 2011

Like a zombie I aimlessly walk

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of postages yet again! I haven't really been up to anything exciting lately and so hence the lack of postages. The only thing I have done a lot of is eating (as you do) but in the next week or so I'll be reviewing a face mask or two as I think my skin is really in need of one!!! >_<

So in the meantime, enjoy pictures of food and some new additions to my room :)

Leicester Square Haagan Daaz is one of my favourite haunts in London just because the atmosphere is awesome and they have green tea ice cream. Surprisingly enough, my friend said that there's not much calories in this one and since it tastes absolutely delicious, how could I resist?!?


I went to Ikea to hunt for some things to decorate my huge room with. I figured as soon as I can keep this plant alive, I can move on to the next step, a kitten :D and then kids *cough*


This evening, my housemate and I decided to bake a cake because she doesn't know how to bake cakes which to me is a big shame because it's so much fun and the satisfaction at the end of it is just AWESOME. I'm such a big fan of baking and having a sweet tooth means that I'm pretty adventurous in the kitchen :D It's an almond and chocolate cake filled with freshly whipped cream and strawberries.


It is decorated with chocolate ganache and toasted flaked almonds :) It's a Delia Smith recipe, that woman never fails me!


What do you like to bake?

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Etude House - BB Magic Cream

Well the title says it all, this is a review on Etude House's BB Magic Cream. Etude House is a korean make up brand (out of many!) and I've read some good reviews of their products and wanted to try this out


Next to Missha 20ml for size comparison. I was quite disappointed by the size of this product as the box makes me think that it would be quite a lot but at 35ml size, it's not much more than the Missha BB Cream.

I got this in Moisturizing which does not seem to have any SPF. It's more for dry skin whilst the other one in this series is called 'pure' and for more oily skin. I had a dilemma as I have combination skin but in England, my skin tends to be more dry than oily. The english on the packaging is as follows:

Sorry for the terrible quality of picture but the packaging makes it really hard on my little compact camera to get a good shot without some 'rainbow' effect getting in the way!


The application is a kind of pump but I find that one full pump is actually too much for my face. Also, if you don't use it often, I'm afraid that the hole might dry up and I'll have a hard time trying to clean this product. (You'll find the same with toothpaste if you've not used it for a while)

There is only one shade but apparently it blends into different skin tones. I was quite scared as although the product is quite dark, initial blending gives a white sheen but if you keep blending and waiting, the colour settles and you are left with this lovely even coverage. It blends into my skin tone, I've tanned a bit over the summer so I'm currently using Missha BB cream in no.23 but as I pale up, I change to no.13 so I'll be curious to see if this BB cream blends into my skin tone then.

The coverage is medium, it doesn't cover my heavy eyebag days but for every day use, it's perfect.

It has a strange medicinal/floral smell when you first apply it which quickly goes after application and blending.

Overall, this is a really lovely product, not oily on the skin, not too much sheen and it's really good for those office days or day where you want to look flawless without too much heaviness on your skin. I have very sensitive skin too and have had no breakouts since using this product.

I'm sorry I've had a bit of a hiatus but it's because uni has been crazy. My timetable does not even allow me to take pictures of some products in daylight but I think I'll need to write reviews during the weekend and stagger my postings during the week hehe, please bear with me!

How has your weekend been? Can you recommend any BB creams?

Friday, 2 September 2011

Skinfood- Green tea bubble cleansing foam

So I'm like the biggest sucker for anything Green tea. Even the colour green I find myself gravitating towards O_O This must be an asian thing right?

SO, when picking out something from the Skinfood cleansing range, I saw the words green tea and my bank balance did not matter anymore. I wanted something besides my normal scrub, something that would be less harsh on my skin and this is the product that I have:


The description that they provide is:


Skinfood is a korean brand who sell products from BB creams, to brushes, to skin and body care. They use natural ingredients and try to provide nutrition for the skin in as less a harsh way as possible.

The cleansing foam looks like this:


and one squirt is enough. I find that the smell is rather soapy and fragranced and couldn't really smell the green tea. After rinsing however, my skin felt hydrated, smooth and smelling so fresh. The residual smell is more of green tea than when you first pump it out, I'm just hoping that the goodness of the stuff gets eaten up by my skin *slurp slurp*

You can buy some Skinfood products on eBay and to look at their vast range of products, head on over to their website here.

Do you own any Skinfood products or love green tea as much as I do?

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Taiwan make up haul

So my lovely lovely friend went to Taiwan this summer and I jumped at the opportunity to send her a mahooosive shopping list full of make up items that I just cannot get in this country.


I wanted to try some more BB creams for a while now but annoyed that the only place I could get it was online with some extortionate shipping costs. So this time I may have gone a little overboard and asked for 3!!

These babies I wanted to get because of reading Yasumi's posts and they looked awesome, cute, and great for on the go. Look out for swatches of these soon!

Face masks face masks face masks! Save me from the schizophrenic weather that I have to endure in the UK! Save me from being a camel all the time and drinking very little!


I will write reviews and swatch every single one of these products soon so don't go far!

ps. read about an Anna Sui haul at Vicki's blog