Friday, 28 October 2011

Canmake Cream Cheek Blush

New review time! I'm sorry I don't blog as much as most people in the bloggersphere but lately I'm hardly finding time to do laundry, eat, or sleep. Most of the time, I'm giving up eating for sleeping and sleeping for working... it's a crazy life yo! Needless to say, my skin is suffering and paying for my lack of sleep and one facemask a week does not to the job =(

So moaning aside, this is a review of a really awesome blush from the Japanese brand, Canmake. You can check out there english website here and a link to the blush I'm reviewing today is here. I have 2 colours, number 3 (Strawberry Whip) and number 7 (Coral Orange). I'm using number 3 today.

This is the packaging. It's a beautiful little compact and lightweight plastic container which is sturdy enough to travel with me in my bag. It doesn't look too flimsy as if it would fall apart either.

The lid opens to reveal a very pigmented baby pink colour which, even though you can't see in the picture, has very fine speckles of glitter which I have found to look beautiful in the sunshine.

This is a swatch at the back of my hand, if anyone has any advice on how to get better swatches, send me a message!

The cream blush is lightweight and blends in beautifully with the skin to reveal a lovely cute bit of colour on my cheeks. It's very natural looking and can be used everyday on top of base or you can layer it nicely for that night out!

Since natural light is found rarely these days, the pictures I took of me wearing it are a little rubbish but I hope you can see something out of it! My next blog post (which will be sometime this weekend) will be about things I have come across on my adventures and also this sheet face mask that I used the other day....