Friday, 28 October 2011

Canmake Cream Cheek Blush

New review time! I'm sorry I don't blog as much as most people in the bloggersphere but lately I'm hardly finding time to do laundry, eat, or sleep. Most of the time, I'm giving up eating for sleeping and sleeping for working... it's a crazy life yo! Needless to say, my skin is suffering and paying for my lack of sleep and one facemask a week does not to the job =(

So moaning aside, this is a review of a really awesome blush from the Japanese brand, Canmake. You can check out there english website here and a link to the blush I'm reviewing today is here. I have 2 colours, number 3 (Strawberry Whip) and number 7 (Coral Orange). I'm using number 3 today.

This is the packaging. It's a beautiful little compact and lightweight plastic container which is sturdy enough to travel with me in my bag. It doesn't look too flimsy as if it would fall apart either.

The lid opens to reveal a very pigmented baby pink colour which, even though you can't see in the picture, has very fine speckles of glitter which I have found to look beautiful in the sunshine.

This is a swatch at the back of my hand, if anyone has any advice on how to get better swatches, send me a message!

The cream blush is lightweight and blends in beautifully with the skin to reveal a lovely cute bit of colour on my cheeks. It's very natural looking and can be used everyday on top of base or you can layer it nicely for that night out!

Since natural light is found rarely these days, the pictures I took of me wearing it are a little rubbish but I hope you can see something out of it! My next blog post (which will be sometime this weekend) will be about things I have come across on my adventures and also this sheet face mask that I used the other day....

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Love is such a strong word.

I love London. I can't begin to describe how much I miss that city since moving 'up north' to Warwickshire. The transport links (though not great all the time), the scenary, the people, the food, the culture, I love it.

So after a month, I was glad to set foot on familiar ground, arriving at Euston station to the hustle and bustle of one of the capitals train stations. Last weekend, after years of saying that I need to see it, I finally went to watch The Lion King musical! As expected, it was breathtaking, just the way the cast mould together, bringing to life one of my first and favourite Disney movies. I like how they did not sway from the plot and how I was able to join in with some of the songs, Timon and Pumba were great and I found myself laughing and enjoying the scenes. Sometimes I felt as if there was too much going on that I didn't know where to look. We were sitting in the grand circle at the very top, in the first row. Sometimes, I felt as if it was too high so that we could see how the special effects were made and from such an angle, the dancers looked a bit weird but for the price, it was definitely worth it. Being short, it's good not to have anyone sitting infront of me haha!

Then I went to one of my favourite places to walk around, South Bank. It's really nice how if you walk along the sandy 'beaches', you feel like you're not really in the capital city anymore, it's lovely and serene. It also has one of the best and cheap gelato places that I know of. One scoop is huge and every flavour that I have tried is SO scrummy, HIGHLY recommended people, especially if you're near Tate Modern or South Bank. It's called Cafe Alba, under the OXO tower.

Here is my awesome strawberry cream gelato <3

There was also this cool hotdog van, there seemed to be a food festival going on with lots of delicious food that made my stomach growl like a madwoman:

The most surprising being Biltong. The first I had was in Zimbabwe but we have a similar one in China which is dried pork with some honey on it.


And ofcourse, a few pictures of scenary:


Legere - White multi BB cream review

Hi everyone!

I hope people in the UK are enjoying the blissfully wonderful indian summer weather! I have tried to get out as much as I can during the weekend and am absolutely loving being able to walk out of the house not wearing thick tights!

Today's review is on Legere's White multi BB cream.

Again, they're very generous with their outside packaging and the actual BB cream tube is just rolling around inside. This comes in a 50g tube with just a simple twist cap, so far, it's doing the job as I can still keep it clean after every usage.

This formula contains Arbutin which is extracted from the bearberry plant inhibiting the formation on melanin. Melanin is the pigmented cells on the skin and thus more melanin = darker skin. It is a silicon-based formula, the first of it's kind that I have used and I have found that it's rather hard to smooth out on my skin as it's thick.

It applies quite dark compared to other BB creams that I use and once spread, has a very unpleasant white tinge which does seem to settle quickly once absorbed into the skin. This BB cream, like many, has sun protection, make up base, skin cover and foundation for 24hrs. It does not seem to have whitened my skin but my skin seems to lap up the sun and tan ridiculously easily. It does however provide a lovely natural looking cover for my face and quickly too so I've really nothing to complain about!

Please excuse the goofy looking face but this is so I could also show you guys the lovely eyeliner I got from Yasumi's blog sale, it's so easy to use and a great product! It lasts for an entire day without smudging and very easy to apply!

Look, you can see a reflection of my contacts!

My next post will be available soon and it will talk about The Lion King musical which I went to last weekend and also how much I love London *swoooon*