Thursday, 1 September 2011

Taiwan make up haul

So my lovely lovely friend went to Taiwan this summer and I jumped at the opportunity to send her a mahooosive shopping list full of make up items that I just cannot get in this country.


I wanted to try some more BB creams for a while now but annoyed that the only place I could get it was online with some extortionate shipping costs. So this time I may have gone a little overboard and asked for 3!!

These babies I wanted to get because of reading Yasumi's posts and they looked awesome, cute, and great for on the go. Look out for swatches of these soon!

Face masks face masks face masks! Save me from the schizophrenic weather that I have to endure in the UK! Save me from being a camel all the time and drinking very little!


I will write reviews and swatch every single one of these products soon so don't go far!

ps. read about an Anna Sui haul at Vicki's blog


Old Cow said...

YOu are going to LOVE those blushes!! I certainly do xx

Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention!

so jealous of everything you bought especially the blusher from etude house! <3 i have a few face masks of my own, can't wait to try them out :) xx

Rinny said...

@Yasumi : They are so convenient to take around and the colours are awesome, can't wait to swatch and use!

@Vicki hehe no probs, I love that lip colour though, I wish I had been more adventurous with my shopping list!

Miss Waffle said...

Canmake looks good...I should look out for it in singapore, they sell quite a lot of japanese brands there.

Rinny said...

Yes definitely! I've heard some great stuff about them and I don't think their stuff is too expensive either :)