Friday, 2 September 2011

Skinfood- Green tea bubble cleansing foam

So I'm like the biggest sucker for anything Green tea. Even the colour green I find myself gravitating towards O_O This must be an asian thing right?

SO, when picking out something from the Skinfood cleansing range, I saw the words green tea and my bank balance did not matter anymore. I wanted something besides my normal scrub, something that would be less harsh on my skin and this is the product that I have:


The description that they provide is:


Skinfood is a korean brand who sell products from BB creams, to brushes, to skin and body care. They use natural ingredients and try to provide nutrition for the skin in as less a harsh way as possible.

The cleansing foam looks like this:


and one squirt is enough. I find that the smell is rather soapy and fragranced and couldn't really smell the green tea. After rinsing however, my skin felt hydrated, smooth and smelling so fresh. The residual smell is more of green tea than when you first pump it out, I'm just hoping that the goodness of the stuff gets eaten up by my skin *slurp slurp*

You can buy some Skinfood products on eBay and to look at their vast range of products, head on over to their website here.

Do you own any Skinfood products or love green tea as much as I do?


Emzerellababy said...

I love asian cosmetics but it's so hard for me to get a hold of. =(

Rinny said...

I know :( if you can fork out the money, try, if not, ebay has some korean make up but you'll need to wait a while in the post for them!

Old Cow said...

Its soooooooo hard to find a real green tea scent isnt it?

Rinny said...

I know! It's so hard, I think once I do find one that smells edible then I'll hold onto it for dear life!