Sunday, 2 October 2011

Legere - White multi BB cream review

Hi everyone!

I hope people in the UK are enjoying the blissfully wonderful indian summer weather! I have tried to get out as much as I can during the weekend and am absolutely loving being able to walk out of the house not wearing thick tights!

Today's review is on Legere's White multi BB cream.

Again, they're very generous with their outside packaging and the actual BB cream tube is just rolling around inside. This comes in a 50g tube with just a simple twist cap, so far, it's doing the job as I can still keep it clean after every usage.

This formula contains Arbutin which is extracted from the bearberry plant inhibiting the formation on melanin. Melanin is the pigmented cells on the skin and thus more melanin = darker skin. It is a silicon-based formula, the first of it's kind that I have used and I have found that it's rather hard to smooth out on my skin as it's thick.

It applies quite dark compared to other BB creams that I use and once spread, has a very unpleasant white tinge which does seem to settle quickly once absorbed into the skin. This BB cream, like many, has sun protection, make up base, skin cover and foundation for 24hrs. It does not seem to have whitened my skin but my skin seems to lap up the sun and tan ridiculously easily. It does however provide a lovely natural looking cover for my face and quickly too so I've really nothing to complain about!

Please excuse the goofy looking face but this is so I could also show you guys the lovely eyeliner I got from Yasumi's blog sale, it's so easy to use and a great product! It lasts for an entire day without smudging and very easy to apply!

Look, you can see a reflection of my contacts!

My next post will be available soon and it will talk about The Lion King musical which I went to last weekend and also how much I love London *swoooon*


Anonymous said...

love your bb reviews! i'm going to ask for one for christmas so this is very helpful! ox

Rinny said...

yay, I'm glad someone finds it useful! That's the last one for a while so that I have time to use it all up before buying new ones. No idea how long the shelf life of these are, around 12 months maybe?

Old Cow said...

Glad that you liked the eyeliner xx


Anonymous said...

Hi! Seems a lil bit rich texture?? I like your blog btw! It's cool! ;)

Rinny said...

Hi Lily! Thank you for the comment! Yes it is a little rich especially if you have left it in the cold for a while so you have to be very careful when putting it on! x