Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Carnival colour explosion!

So I mentioned that I was going to the carnival a few days ago and the carnival did not disappoint! Colour explosions to fill anyone's imagination of dancing, singing and generally enjoying life.

I love how after all the crap London has gone through with the riots, joy, fun, and happiness still come out on top fighting.

I definitely enjoyed my day, every street corner that we turned down lead to new adventures. I followed my nose and ended up guffling down jerk chicken, curried goat, festival, corn on the cob, and fresh young coconut juice.

It reminded me of the St Pauls carnival which I attended in Bristol, just on a much grander scale. The atmosphere was similar though, people being happy, dragging you to dance, commenting on how much they love your outfit, offerings of free food.

If you haven't been before, I would highly recommend that you go next year, and I can guarantee that it will bring a smile to your face :)


Anonymous said...

it was amazing wasn't it? love your photos especially the one with the huge crowd of people! i wish i could have tried all their food, the curry smelt incredible <3 didn't have much money so only had a coconut and a burger :) ox

Rinny said...

Yea, we felt like we were being herded with a huge crowd and ended up at the top of the hill with this amazing view!!
Oh the curry was SOOOOO good, however, had to share as the price made me feel even more of a poor student haha! :D
Definitely go next year, try going on the Monday, I heard it's crazier lol! x

Old Cow said...

I LOVE CARNIVAL!!! I wish I knew that you were going x

Rinny said...

Waaaah was hoping to bump into people but it's just impossible!! "I'm by the big tree next to this man who has a blue mask!" Haha, will def stalk you enough to accidently 'bump' into you one day haha! :)