Saturday, 27 August 2011

Benefit - Dr Feelgood

So today's review is on a product which I have been using for a while now. It's by the make up brand Benefit which is a pretty high end brand, have quirky names for their products and good packaging.
You must excuse the used look of these pictures, just say that this is a well loved product of mine :) The paper packaging opens up to a metal tin and included is an applicator sponge. The product itself has a gorgeous lemoney smell, the colour is of pale lemon but is invisible upon application. Application is smooth and gives skin a matte finish, though with some sheen I have found. It's hard to describe the consistency of it but given that the main ingredient is corn starch, just think of it as a soft moisturizing powder. You must be careful when using the sponge as sometimes if you have too much, it can flake off on your skin; however, this can easily be rubbed in with fingers.

Benefit describes this product as:

Because I have combination skin, I use Dr Feelgood on my T-zone and it is absolutely amazing for soaking up any oils without clogging up my pores (I use a little on the nose too). The wear is fairly long depending on how much you put on, for me, it's just a thin layer.

I like to wear it without any other face products but sometimes will put it on under BB cream as a primer. Like it says, it evens out fine lines which at my age, there is still some, but generally it will liven up your face for a natural fresh look!

Benefit Dr Feelgood costs £21.50 for a generous amount and you can buy this at the Benefit website, Benefit counters, or any large Boots stores.

Have you tried Dr. Feelgood or any other Benefit products? What are your favourites?

Upcoming posts will consist of a sleek palette, BB creams, cream blushes and adventures around London!


Anonymous said...

Love the review, it seems great! I've only recently become a makeup junkie so ill def be checking that out in store :)

I have posie tint and high beam - both are amazing :D ox

Rinny said...

Dr Feelgood is one of those that a lot of people have not heard of but I really like it and it lasts yonks! Oh dear, I have too much Benefit stuff... Benetint, posie tint, It stick, some of the sets and their moisturiser.... oopsies! :P