Thursday, 25 August 2011

A bit about me?

  • I like pretty things (handmade beautiful African beads. I also love guinea fowl)

  • I buy too much make up yet wear very little and they all get put to the side. (It's pretty awful so I'm going to review as much as I can now!)
  • I like to make things (I recently learnt how to crochet!)
  • I love to eat, and that has been a slight downfall especially when it comes to weight management. (Laduree macaroons are just delish!)

  • I religiously read other people's blogs and gasp at all the pretty things that they view and swatch.
  • I like making new friends.

  • I love to travel but find that I don't have enough time (Zimbabwe 2011)


Old Cow said...

Welcome to the bloggerverse my dear!

Your guinea fowl is cute..You must have been to southern Africa to get that!

I am your newest follower now


Rinny said...

Thank you so much! Yes, I got the guinea fowl from a lovely craft shop in Zimbabwe :D x