Thursday, 25 August 2011

The start

So where do I begin.... I've always been a fond blogger and blog reader, and after years on the stalk, my taste and *cough* obsession with guilty pleasures such as make up, skincare, and fashion have surfaced with a vengeance lashing at me and wanting a spotlight of its own.

I care not for karma, but more so that this blog will be full of life, excitement, and a place where I can indulge in and share my love of pretty things and strange hobbies. It shall also be a place for adventure sharing and friends.

I've had many inspirations and many late nights reading the likes of Worship Blues, Vanity Fashionista, Park&Cube, Vintage Shop, Fenua Beaute, and ofcourse my favourite blogger who started (though she may not know) the craze in me, Moonbeamstarlight. Some I secretly stalk, others I've chanced upon in my hours of searching the net for inspiration.

The inspiration for the name of the blog is from my love of the word resplendent, it describes my pleasures well and the la at the end? Well, many of my friends tend to put the 'word' la at the end of sentences and it gives the blog a more fun feel. I'd like to thank the internet for being so awesome and I hope that any dear readers that I have will be kind to me =)

~ Rin


Anonymous said...

ahhh thanks so much for the mention! :D
i look forward to reading more of your posts, i love macaroons, makeup and your knitted crotched headband!
i will be sure to mention your blog in my next post :D xoxo

Rinny said...

No probs Vicki, I love your blog and all your lovely clothes! I hope to update this often too as I always have so much to tell but no one to tell it to =(

Merissa Row said...

I love the blog name! xxxxx

Merissa Row said...
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Rinny said...

Thank you! And please don't take offense haha! :)